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Advantages of Bulk Bags

Bulk bags have many advantages over alternative material handling, shipping, and storage containers. Polypropylene bags can be used in place of corrugated boxes, paper bags, and fibre drums. Flexible intermediate bulk containers reduce shipping costs; maximize storage space; eliminate spillage, and improve flow control.

In addition to the more common U-Panel bulk bags offered by most bulk bag companies, InterBULK also offers Circular Woven polypropylene bags. Circular Woven bulk bags, as a result of the construction style, have fewer seams. The tendency of polypropylene bags to tear at the seams or trap product is directly correlated with the total length of seams in the bulk bag. Thus Circular Woven intermediate bulk containers are often an improvement over U-Panel bulk bags.

InterBULK manufactures each bulk bag with high tenacity polypropylene (PP) lifting loops. PP lifting loops provide increased strength and thickness that is a great improvement over other bulk bag companies nylon lifting loops. InterBULK PP loops reduce tearing and allow for improved maneuverability.

Finally our high quality intermediate bulk containers are always manufactured in ISO 9000 facilities. We supply quality products at the best possible price set InterBULK USA apart from the competition.

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