Flexible Bulk Bag Packaging


InterBulk USA, LLC.'s provide a cost effective way to ship, handle, and store dry-flowable products when compared to Gaylord material-handling containers.

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While rigid corrugated Gaylord containers load easily and accommodate non-uniform weight distribution, they are an outmoded packaging solution when compared side-by-side to flexible polypropylene packaging.

Two years ago, InterBULK acquired new customers that had utilized Gaylords for 20 years to package, store and sell their products. We provided an analysis of storage and freight costs comparing Gaylord containers to InterBULK FIBCs. The customer was surprised by the significantly reduced need for storage required and shipping empty (flattened) FIBCs.

Two hundred Gaylord containers flattened requires half of a standard semi-trailer volume for transport. In contrast, 200 bulk bags flattened takes up a single pallet leaving ample open space for use.

When provided with a clear analysis demonstrating that InterBULK FIBCs require 1/20th the storage and shipping volume of Gaylords, our client realized the company was paying approximately 25 times more in freight charges when using Gaylords.

To learn more about how we can effectively reduce costs by replacing Gaylords for your material handling needs, please contact us directly.

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