Bulk Bag Recreation

Bulk Bag Redesign for Overseas Shipping

At InterBULK USA, LLC., we provide custom bulk bags designed to maximize shipping space for overseas transport in ocean containers. Our Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are offered in a variety of configurations, allowing customers to easily ship, handle and store dry-flowable and fluid products while reducing overall costs.

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Maximizing Volume, Reducing Costs

Several of our largest bulk bag customers ship products using 40' ocean transport containers. As an initial core service to clients, InterBULK engineers analyze bag designs and container configurations typically employed and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

For each of these large customers, InterBULK was able to successfully redesign packaging and container configurations to maximize cargo space while maintaining product stability during overseas transport.

Our engineers primarily focused on increasing base dimensions and reduced overall bag height, and on using heavier fabrics to create enough rigidity for double-stacking.

Reconfigured bags stacked effectively floor-to-ceiling within the 40' overseas containers saved our customers an average of 18% ($712,000) in shipping costs per year. Reducing overall height and increasing bag rigidity opened up new opportunities to utilize 20' ocean shipping containers for transporting smaller product volumes.

Based on user feedback, the stout, more rigid packaging has also decreased the rate of misshapen bags and damaged bags during container loading, thereby improving overall product stability during transport. To learn more about our work on FIBC bags for overseas shipments, please contact us directly or refer to the table below.

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Case Study Summary

Service Description
Evaluate and redesign Bulk Bag, maximizing container space
Our largest bulk bag customers export bagged product overseas in 20' and 40' ocean containers but clients were not maximizing container space
Our analysis suggested container volume was not being maximized--single stacking bags in 40' foot containers left a narrow band of volume above the bag layer open and unutilized
Had clients transition to a larger bag base dimension and reduced bag height.
  • The new dimensions enabled clients to choose for efficiency: Double stack within smaller 20' shipping container or larger 40' one-filling maximum volumes respectively based on amount being shipped. Eliminating wasted space provided efficiency that resulted in significant cost savings.
  • The new InterBULK bag design was slightly more expensive--however, the added stability and durability added net savings--fewer bags were required with fewer bags arriving either misshapen or broken.

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