Flexible Bulk Bag Packaging

Bulk Densities

Bulk Densities of common materials packaged in bulk bags. View Industry Focus PDF version - 120KB.

ProductDensity (lbs/ft3)
Adipic Acid45
Alfalfa Meal22
Alfalfa Pellets43
Alfalfa Seed15
Alum fine50
Alum lumpy60
Alumina fines35
Alumina sized or briquette65
Aluminum chips, oily15
Aluminum hydrate20
Aluminum Oxide120
Aluminum Silicate (andalusite)49
Aluminum Sulfate58
Ammonium Chloride, crystalline52
Ammonium nitrate62
Ammonium sulfate58
Arsenic pulverized30
Ash, black ground105
Ashes, coal, dry 1/2"45
Ashes, coal, dry 3"40
Ashes, coal, wet 3"50
Asphalt, crushed 1/2"45
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)55
Barite (barium sulfate) +1/2­3"180
Barite powder180
Barium carbonate72
Barley, fine, ground38
Barley, malted31
Barley, meal28
Barley, whole48
Bauzite, crushed ­ 3"85
Bauzite, dry, ground68
Bentonite, 100­mesh60
Bentonite, crude40
Benzene hexachloride56
Bone ash (tricalcium phosphate)50
Borate of lime60
Borax, 1/2­2", lump60
Borax, 2­3", lump70
Borax, fine55
Borax, screening 1/2"60
Boric acid, fine55
Bran (rice­rye­wheat)20
Braunite (manganese oxide)120
Bread crumbs25
Brewer’s grain, spend, dry30
Brewer’s grain, spent, wet60
Brick, ground, 1/8"120
Bronze chips50
Calcine, flour85
Calcium carbide90
Calcium phosphate50
Cashew nuts37
Cast iron chips200
Caustic soda88
Caustic soda, flakes47
Cement, aerated, portland75
Cement, clinker95
Cement, motar133
Cement, portland94
Charcoal, ground38
Charcoal, lumps28
Chocolate, cake, pressed45
Chrome ore140
Cinders, blast furnace57
Cinders, coal40
Clay, brick, dry, fines120
Clay, calcined100
Clay, ceramic, dry, fines80
Clay, dry, lumpy75
Clover seed48
Coal, anthracite, sized, 1/2"61
Coal, bituminous, mined60
Coal, bituminous, mined, sized50
Coal, bituminous, mined, slack50
Coal, lignite45
Cocoa, powdered35
Coke, breeze35
Coke, loose35
Coke, petrol,45
Concrete, pre­mix, dry120
Copper ore150
Copper ore, crushed150
Copper sulfate (bluestone)95
Copra, cake ground45
Copra, cake lumpy30
Copra, lumpy22
Copra, meal45
Cork, fine ground15
Cork, granulated15
Corn cobs, ground17
Corn cobs, whole15
Corn grits45
Corn meal40
Corn seed45
Corn shelled45
Corn, cracked50
Corn, germ21
Cryolite, dust90
Cryolite, lumpy110
Dicalcium phosphate50
Disodium phosphate31
Dolomite, crushed100
Dolomite, lumpy100
Ebonite, crushed70
Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate)50
Feldspar, ground80
Feldspar, lumps100
Feldspar, powder100
Feldspar, screenings80
Ferrous sulphate75
Fish meal40
Flaxseed mean (linseed meal)45
Flour wheat40
Flue dust, basic oxygen furnace60
Flue dust, blast furnace125
Flue dust, boiler H. dry45
Fluorspar, fine (calcium fluoride)100
Fluorspar, lumps110
Gelatine, granulated32
Glass, batch100
Glue, ground40
Glue, pearl40
Glue, veg. powdered40
Gluten, meal40
Granite, fine90
Grape pomace20
Graphite flake40
Graphite flour28
Graphite ore75
Guano, dry70
Gypsum, calcined60
Gypsum, calcined, powdered80
Gypsum, raw ­ 1"80
Hay, chopped12
Hominy, dry50
Hops, spent, dry35
Hops, spent, wet55
ProductDensity (lbs/ft3)
Ice, crushed45
Ice, cubes35
Ice, flaked45
Ice, shell35
Ilmenite ore160
Iron ore concentrate180
Iron oxide millscale75
Iron oxide pigment25
Kafir (corn)45
Kaolin clay63
Kaolin clay­talc56
Lead arsenate72
Lead arsenite72
Lead carbonate260
Lead ore ­ 1/2"230
Lead ore ­ 1/8"270
Lead oxide (red lead) 100 mesh150
Lead oxide (red lead) 200 mesh180
Lead sulfide ­ 100 mesh260
Limanite, ore, brown120
Lime, ground, unslaked65
Lime, hudrated40
Lime, hudrated, pulverized40
Lime, pebble56
Limestone, agricultural68
Limestone, crushed90
Limestone, dust95
Magnesium chloride (magnesite)33
Malt, dry, ground30
Malt, dry, whole30
Malt, meal40
Manganese dioxide85
Manganese ore140
Manganese oxide120
Manganese sulfate70
Marble, crushed95
Marl, clay80
Mica, flakes22
Mica, ground15
Mica, pulverized15
Milk, dried, flake6
Mill scale (steel)125
Milo, ground36
Molybdenite powder107
Monosodium phosphate50
Naphthalene flakes45
Niacin (nicotinic acid)35
Oats, crushed22
Oats, flour35
Oats, rolled24
Oxalic acid crystals, ethane diacid crystals60
Oyster shells, ground60
Paper pulp (6% to 15%)62
Paper pulp(4% or less)62
Paraffin cake ­ 1/2"45
Perlite, expanded12
Phosphate acid fertilizer60
Phosphate rock, broken85
Phosphate rock, pulverized60
Phosphate sand100
Polyethylene resin pellets35
Polystyrene beads40
Polyvinyl, chloride pellets30
Polyvinyl, chloride powder30
Potash (muriate) dry70
Potash (muriate) mine rum75
Potassium carbonate51
Potassium chloride pellets130
Potassium nitrate, 1/8"80
Potassium sulfate48
Pumice, 1/8"48
Pyrite pellets130
Quartz, 1/2"90
Quartz, 100­mesh80
Rice, bran20
Rice, grits45
Rice, hulled49
Rice, hulls21
Rice, polished30
Rice, rough36
Rubber, pelleted55
Rye feed33
Rye meal40
Safflower, cake50
Safflower, meal50
Safflower, seed45
Salicylic acid29
Salt, cake, dry coarse85
Salt, dry coarse60
Salt, dry, fine80
Sand (resin­coated) silica104
Sand (resin­coated) zircon115
Sand, dry, bank (damp)130
Sand, dry, bank (dry)110
Sand, dry, silica100
Sand, foundry (shake out)100
Shale, crushed90
Shellac, powdered or granulated31
Silica, flour80
Slag, blast furnace crushed180
Slag, furnace, granular, dry65
Slate, crushed, 1/2"90
Slate, ground 1/8"85
Soap, beads or granules35
Soapstone, talc fine50
Soda ash, heavy65
Soda ash, light35
Sodium aluminate, ground72
Sodium aluminum sulfate75
Sodium nitrate80
Sodium phosphate60
Sodium sulfite96
Soybean whole50
Soybean, cake43
Soybean, cracked40
Soybean, flake, raw25
Soybean, flour30
Steel turnings, crushed150
Sugar beet, pulp, dry15
Sugar, raw65
Sugar, refined, granulated, dry55
Sulphur, lumpy, 3"85
Sulphur, powdered60
Sunflower seed38
Talcum powder60
Talcum, 1/2"90
Tricalcium phosphate50
Trisodium phosphate60
Trisodium phosphate, granular60
Trisodium phosphate, pulverized50
Tung nuts30
Urea Prills, coated46
Vermiculite, expanded16
Vermiculite, ore80
Walnut shells, crushed45
Wheat, cracked45
Wheat, germ28
Wood chips, screened30
Zinc oxide, heavy35
Zinc oxide, light15
Zinc, concentrate residue78

*Bulk Densities of common materials packaged in bulk bags, and tote bags courtesy of www.inter­bulk.com